Tools and Tips
for Jobseekers and Recruiters

Batch email tools

The following links are to obtain tools for the batch emailing of your resume to the email lists which follow:

The following UNIX shell script sends messages to list separated by time interval to avoid overflowing the mail queue. Set permissons to execute (chmod +x tx) and use the syntax tx <recruit.list> <message.file> "<subject>", substituting appropriate file names or strings for the elements in angle brackets.

# syntax: tx recipient.list message.file "subject" &
cat $1 | awk '{ print $1 }' | while read addr
  mail -s "$3" $addr < $2
  sleep 48 # adjust this interval to avoid mail queue overflows

Recruiter email lists

The following lists are to be used as arguments to a batch routine like the ones listed above. Each contains less than 100 entries each, except the last, to hold down the size of the batch email jobs. They may be used to send resumes and notify recruiters of changes in your availability.
  • recruit0.lst - digits, A through I, Contract or W-2.
  • recruit1.lst - J through Q, Contract or W-2.
  • recruit2.lst - R through Z, Contract or W-2.
  • w2-only.lst - These recruit only for W-2 jobs, no contracts.
  • offered.lst - Recent extract of posters to various jobs offered newsgroups. Mostly recruiters but some directs.
  • recruiters.txt - Another recent extract of recruiters.
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