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3.5-liter DOHC 24-valve V6 engine
   245 hp @ 5,800 rpm
   246 lb-ft @ 4,400 rpm

Platinum-tipped spark plugs

Continuously variable valve timing control system

Variable intake manifold

Variable capacity muffler


5-speed manual transmission

Front engine/front-wheel drive


Power-assisted vented front disc/rear brakes


Front: independent subframe-mounted strut-type

Rear: multi-link independent

Front and rear stabilizer bars

Sport-tuned suspension ó firmer shocks and
    thicker rear stabilizer bar

Power-assisted engine-speed-sensitive
   rack-and-pinion steering

Tires: 235/50WR-17 Kumho ECSTA ASX - (stock 215/55R17)

Filter Type Quest FRAM WIX
Air filter     46116
Oil filter 85365 PH6607 51365
Gas filter      
Item Part Number
Cat (rear) 42054
Firing Order: 
Date Milage Work Done
11/13/2003 002918  Oil & Filter Change
12/28/2003 005890  Oil & Filter Change. Installed my new custom license plates and frame.
03/06/2004 011200 Oil & Filter Change. Rotate tires.
04/25/2004 014585  Oil & Filter Change
05/29/2004 017508 Oil & Filter Change
07/25/2004 020445 Oil & Filter Change
09/04/2004 023936 Oil & Filter Change. Rotate tires.
09/15/2004 025562 New tires (4). 235/50VR17 Firestone Firehawk LH ($136/each)
Stock size = P215/55R17
10/15/2004 027400 Air filter, Oil & Filter Change.
11/28/2004 030674 Oil & Filter Change
01/23/2005 033505 Oil & Filter Change
03/13/2005 036668 Oil & Filter Change. Rotate tires.
05/14/2005 040439 Oil & Filter Change.
06/19/2005 043423 Oil & Filter Change.
08/05/2005 047309 Air filter, Oil & Filter Change.
09/29/2005 051325 Oil & Filter Change.
11/14/2005 054742 Oil & Filter Change. 4w alignment, and installed new set of 235/50WR-17 Kumho ECSTA ASX tires.
12/20/2005 057225 Flused coolant, replaced left front wheel bearing and hub.
01/01/2006 058430 Oil & Filter Change.
02/25/2006 063304 Oil & Filter Change.
04/08/2006 066438 Oil & Filter Change. Rotate tires.
06/04/2006 070123 Oil & Filter Change.
07/29/2006 073654 Oil & Filter Change.
09/09/2006 077350 Oil & Filter Change.
10/10/2006 079174 Installed new set of 235/50R17 AVON AV Tech M550 tires ($569)
10/27/2006 080193 Air, Oil & Filter Change.
12/12/2006 083610 Replaced left front wheel bearing and hub. I think Santa Cruz Nissan did not do it right the first time.
12/16/2006 083934 Oil & Filter Change.
01/18/2007 085995 Replaced right front wheel bearing/hub and front break pads.
02/05/2007 088562 Oil & Filter Change. Rotate tires.
02/12/2007 089337 Check engine light came on. No code (maybe the gas cap?). Added 1 qt of oil.
03/13/2007 ?????? Check engine light came on. Code P0420
03/29/2007 093179 Air filter, Oil & Filter Change.
04/13/2007 094049 Add 1 qt. of oil
04/19/2007 094523 Started oil mileage test with the Nissan dealer that requires them to perform an oil change verify code (P0420 - TWC Below Threshold Performance) from computer @$183.60, plus I had to rent a car for the day. Cost of rental included in amount. I want to prove that my car is consuming oil, which has caused the catalytic converter to go bad. The extended (100K mile) warranty does not cover any of the smog devices. Nissan is telling my that smog devices only have a guarantee of 80K miles. Wait time: 35 minutes. Service Advisor: Bob Nunn
05/01/2007 095346 Added 1qt oil after 823 miles. Wait time: 30 minutes. Service Advisor: Bob Nunn
05/11/2007 096562 Added 1qt oil after 1216 miles. Wait time: 45 minutes. They ask me to leave car for them to add one Qt. Service Advisor: Eric Dunbar
05/31/2007 097339 Replaced front and rear catalyst converter. Reset all codes. Dipstick shows 1qt down (1qt after 777 miles). Refill oil, did not change oil filter (cost $1,496.4). During repair, found all of pre Cat core melted inside of rear exhaust damaged beyond use. Service Advisor: Bob Nunn (Invoice No. NICS172134)
06/15/2007 098932 1/2 qt down, no oil added.
06/19/2007 099379 Added 1qt oil after 2040 miles. Wait time: 32 minutes.
06/28/2007 100008 Car now at 100008 miles, the extended warrantee wanted me to tow the car to the dealer ship for them to tear down the engine. Only after a teardown and if a problem is seen that the extended warrantee would cover all costs. The tow truck service called me telling me it would be awhile to find a tow truck in my area, so I canceled it and decided not to let them tear the car apart for the following reasons:
  • The best scenario would be getting a new engine, which I doubt would ever happen.
  • High probability that they would not find a problem to open a clame where the warrantee would cover all costs, leaving me with the tear down and the rebuild cost.
  • If warrantee covered the cost of rebuilding, I would only have the dealership guarantee (12 months or 12K miles) and I do not think their rebuild job would be any better then what I have now, or maybe worse.
My fix is to increase the oil weight until oil usage has stopped. I know a few people who run Castrol 20w50 and swears by it. The trick is it must be Castrol. I will dignost the problem myself and will keep you all informed of my findings. The pice of shit now has 100089 miles.
06/29/2007 100147 Oil & Filter Change. Now using Castrol 20w50
07/20/2007 101367 Added 1 qt of oil.
07/30/2007 102493 Added 1 qt of oil.
08/09/2007 103800 Added 1 qt of oil.
08/25/2007 104566 Added 1 qt of oil.
09/08/2007 105402 Added 1 qt of oil.
09/23/2007 106968 Oil & Filter Change. Micro cabin filter change also.
10/12/2007 107518 Installed new set of 235/50R17 AVON AV Tech M550 tires ($520)
11/01/2007 108547 Added 2 qts of oil.
11/17/2007 109578 Added 1 qt of oil.
11/28/2007 110567 Added 1 qt of oil.
12/13/2007 111473 Added 1 qt of oil.
12/27/2007 112054 Oil & Filter Change.
02/14/2008 113914 Added 1 qt of oil.
02/26/2008 115425 Added 1 qt of oil.
02/29/2008 115754 Oil & Filter Change.
03/28/2008 117976 Added 2 qts of oil.
04/05/2008 118340 Replaced plugs (Ridium) and both belts (Alt & PS). Changed backside gasket to the valve cover. I glued it back in place, didnít want to try to remove spark plug gaskets from the crappy plastic Nissan valve cover, it would have broke.
04/06/2008 118355 Added 1 qt of oil.
06/19/2008 119268 The back of the seat broke. Driving on mountain roads daily, moving from side to side caused it to break. A good American car wouldn't break like this. I made a bracket to hold the seat together.
08/26/2008 128695 Four months less than one year the car needs another catalytic converter. Luckily it's the one before the muffler. The Y cats cost too much and hard to get to. It was running bad, no power so I had it tested and there was 10 lbs of pressure before the cat, wow.

When I go on-line (www.consumeraffairs.com/automotive/nissan_altima.html) and see other stories, it only makes me mad that Nissan does not give a SHIT to their customers. What Nissan owners need to do is get rid of their ... car or keep buying the cheepest cat possible. I got mine for $325.00. This should be good for another 31,356 to 60K (I hope) miles

09/28/2008 131435 Oil & Filter Change.
10/15/2008 133528 Replaced rear breaks and changed transmission oil. First time on rear breaks, I was hoping for more mileage, but not bad living in the mountains.
12/07/2008 138040 Oil & Filter Change.
12/09/2008 138150 Installed new set of 235/50R17 AVON AV Tech M550 tires ($479.30 + $100 installation)
01/18/2009 141360 Oil & Filter Change.
04/05/2009 147059 Oil & Air Filter Change. Replaced battery and Rotate tires.
05/17/2009 150335 Oil & Filter Change.
07/13/2009 154547 Oil & Filter Change.
09/15/2009 160423 Replaced second catalytic converter bank. Removed the in-line catalytic converter from just before the muffler.
09/27/2009 161295 Oil & Air Filter Change. Rotate tires.
10/13/2009 162300 Installed new set of 235/50R17 AVON AV Tech M550 tires ($537.00 + $169 installation w/balancing)
04/10/2010 175928 Oil & Air Filter Change.