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I bought my new 1998 BMW R1200C from San Jose BMW at the end of 1999. I purchase it to be use as a commuter, since I took a new job in 1999 that's 48 miles away.
My commute takes me on mountain roads, highway 9 up to Skyline to Hwy. 92. Wednesdays, I use to stop off at Alice's Restaurant for breakfast.
Added the Wudo driving lights in 2000
May 2nd, 2000
While driving to work at 10:00 am. A Deer jumped in to me
(front, side, or on top of me. Can't remember what happened).

see Traffic Collision Report and Medical Bill (paid by insurance).

August 18, 2001
Finish with repairs, fix tank and repainted all painted parts (fenders, tank, and side covers).
Add custom artwork to front fender and tank. BMW wanted $1,200 for a new tank,
so instead, I repaired the tank and painted it (total cost $1,200)! The clear coat is over the artwork.

My friends logo, "Eye Bone"
on back of front fender
Specifications: (see Maintenance record
  • Aug 21, 2001- Remus Exaust from eBay for $500. I will need to install a K&N air filter so the bike will run correctly with the exuast system.(aprox $40.00 for the filter but its washable and should last forever.) 
  • Aug 29, 2001 - Saddle Bags, $375 (used)
  • May 09, 2002 - Engine Guards (milage 23,117), $405.94
  • Jan 07, 2007 - Added the dual Mount Clock & Thermometer from Marlins Clocks

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